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Draw Your Schedule!

With RecStaff you can draw your schedule. Your schedule grid becomes the canvas for you to just draw your shifts by clicking and dragging from the start of the shift to the end and Voila! you've created a shift. From there you just drag & drop your staff, roles and locations onto the shift and Voila! (again) you've created an assignment for those staff. We call this our Visual Schedule Builder and we think it is pretty powerful stuff you won't find anywhere else!

As you create each shift on the grid, RecStaff organizes your employee pick list based on senority, availablility and primary roles. It also shows you employees status in terms of other shifts, vacation requests, shift pick ups, special requests and potential overtime trouble. All the information you need to make the best possible schedule is at your fingertips.

Want to see it in action? Click here to see how quickly you can build schedules with RecStaff

A Bird's Eye View

Drawing a schedule is great - but with the Visual Schedule Builder you also get to see how all your staff and their shifts fit together for a day. It's easy to spot gaps or see times where you need to bring in more people.

Prefer a Roster View?

No problem - it's one click to flip over to Roster View, which is more like a traditional table view. It shows shifts for each staff member by day, with running totals of hours worked, overtime and shift premiums.

Change is easy

Just grab the shift and move it. Or drag the end time if you want the shift to be longer. Or copy and paste, to a different time and / or day. RecStaff build and adjusts all the assignments for you, whether it is 100 employees or just one.

Our Dashboard Puts You In Control!

Your home page in RecStaff is the Dashboard. Think of it like your own "mission control centre" that organizes everything that is going on with your staff and schedules in one place.

Your dashboard puts information at your fingertips, and gives you a quick way to dive down into the detail when you need to. You see who is working today, how many shifts are up for grabs, what schedules your were last working on and more.

What About My Staff?

Your employees get their own dashboard too - it tells them when they work, status of shifts they posted or shifts they want to pick up and status of their time off requests. And everybody's dashboard has the message board too - it's just one of the ways RecStaff lets you stay connected with all your staff.


RecStaff is your communication hub for keeping everybody on the same page. We use text messaging, e-mail, web alerts and even automated voice call outs to make sure your staff are on the job when you need them there! As a manager, you control RecStaff's communication tools so they fit into your work flow.

RecStaff can take care of all your normal communications. To publish your schedule RecStaff sends text messages, e-mails and web app alerts to your staff. Need to make a change? No problem - any change you make to a published schedule triggers a new notification to affected staff.

Texting Can Be A Pain

Sure, communicating by text is fast and easy. But what happens when you need to text a group of your employees? And then those employees all start texting back? From your phone ... or was it your colleagues phone? It can get out of hand quickly.

RecStaff gives you the power of texting, but it manages all the complexity for you. So you get the benefits of instant communication with your staff, but from a centralized application that handles replies, logging of messages and auditing.

Reduce Absenteeism

Your employees are often juggling a lot of commitments. Sometimes things get dropped. With RecStaff, it won't be their shifts that get missed because the system can be configured to send shift reminders to your staff.

Shift Changes By The Book

There are lots of different ways to handle shift changes and RecStaff can be configured to support your processes.

Do you have a set of rules you need to follow when shifts must be changed, where your most senior staff get first crack at open shifts? No problem - RecStaff can tailor notifications and call outs to match your complex scheduling requirements. We can configure how staff are to be contacted and the waiting periods between calls.

Maybe you have some staff that are allowed to exchange shifts, while other staff or shift types need your attention. RecStaff allows us to set different rules for different staff or groups of staff.

And every step of the schedule change process is transparent and auditable! No more confusion about who was going to fill in for which employee. With RecStaff, everyone will be on the same page.

Reporting and Metrics

Our Roster View tracks your staffing hours by employee, role, overtime and shift premiums as you build the schedules in real-time, so you'll always know where you stand.

RecStaff provides you with all the tools you need to reconcile your payroll data and your schedules and we can export all your data in a format your payroll system can accept. No more double entry in multiple systems!

Staff Availability - With A Twist!

Get rid of those availability forms, e-mails and follow-up calls to staff! With RecStaff, you define the time blocks with as much granularity as you need for each work day and then your staff indicates whether they can work each of those time blocks. When you add shift to a schedule, RecStaff shows you the availability for each employee for a shift on that day and time.

So what's the twist? Sometimes, employees can work most of a time block but not all of it -- maybe they have a late class one day a week -- so the employees will say yes to the block because they want the hours. But if you schedule them then bam - they have a conflict and you need to make changes.

With RecStaff, we give your staff a third option. We call it the "yes, but ..." option. So your employees can specify that they can work a given time block, but because of a class they can't work the first hour of the block. You see that little bit of extra information when you are building the shifts so you can accommodate and avoid the headache later.